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For over 60 years, EagleMatic has taken pride in tackling the most challenging tasks that other organizations simply will not do because they do not “fit the mold.” These unique offerings range from complex multi cell robotic fabrication and assembly machines to high-volume production lines.

It’s our mission to continue to be a high performance precision tooling and custom automation manufacturer. Our world class 70,000-square-foot facility, and machining equipment are all state-of-the-art. To continue learning about our company and the work we do, please visit our main website.

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Everyone who works for the EagleMatic brand name is pushed to exhibit only the most upstanding ethical behavior. When you work for our company, you become a part of our brand. It’s essential that your attitude and your beliefs reflect the moral integrity of who we are in your daily job duties. We’re looking for team members to help us continue to provide an environment where everyone shares the same values.

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Honesty is of the utmost importance to us here at EagleMatic. Everything we do, we do in the name of our strong moral principles. It’s important to us that all of our employees adhere to the path of integrity that we’ve laid out during our decades of becoming industry leaders. We take great pride in our solutions, services and end products and we’re honored to continue to earn the trust of our staff members and customers.

Open Communication

We empower our team members to constantly share their ideas. This form of open communication allows us all to work together as a unit. An environment where people are hesitant to offer up new ideas for fear of ridicule or repercussions is not something we allow. It’s critical that all of our employees feel valued and heard at all times, so we can be sure that we’re fostering a creative and empowering environment.

Sound Decision Making

It’s important to us that our employees exhibit sound decision-making capabilities. The ability to objectively assess situations is a must to ensure we’re creating a positive and respectful environment. Not just for our staff members, but for our customers as well. It’s critical that our employees can take relevant information and their experiences to come to sound conclusions when making a decision on behalf of EagleMatic.


We’re proud of our innovative and forward-thinking employees. Every day they show up to work ready to bring industry-leading and game-changing new ideas to the table. We’re looking for other team members who are able to provide these inventive ideas to drive our company even further into the future of manufacturing. If you’re an out-of-the-box thinker — bring your creativity to the EagleMatic team.

Continuous Learning

One of our main goals at EagleMatic, is to give our staff members a place where they can continue to grow within their specific roles and our industry as a whole. We want to foster an environment where you’re constantly learning and bettering yourself. While you work, you’ll be learning simultaneously to ensure that you develop the professional skills required to excel in this business. We want you to be the best you can be!

Awards & Accomplishments

A Company on the Rise

The Michigan Top Companies to Watch recognizes 50 companies who have high potential and are making a difference in Michigan. We earned this award by demonstrating our notable successes and our competitive advantages.

Small Business of the Year

Crain’s Detroit Business Small Business of the Year Award honors select small businesses every year who exhibit excellence in client service, professionalism and have a strong commitment to community involvement.

Michigan Diversification Celebration

The Michigan Economic Development Corporation recognized the efforts EagleMatic has made to contribute to the diversification of advanced manufacturing, automotive, and materials.

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